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Examination Table Clothes 

​​​​​​​There are many features of the examination table clothes used in hospitals, practice rooms and clinics.

Examination Table Clothes 

These covers are laid on the lower part of the patient to be examined and the examination process is performed. It is given for single use in order not to come into contact with the body of another patient in any way during the examination process.

It is often used for medical purposes. Examination table clothes are used on stretchers. It is a hygienic product. These covers need to be changed after each patient. This is very important so that the patient does not get germs. He's not supposed to slip because he's being laid on stretchers. It does not get wet and has a non-slip feature.

What Are The Characteristics of Inspection Table Clothes?

  • There is normally no brand or logo on the covers, but if the hospital or clinic wants, logo printing is also done on the table clothess. Some companies also make their own logos in order to advertise.
  • When using these covers, they should be used with an apparatus next to them. The attachments are attached to the upper part of the stretcher and allow it to be more easily torn off while being plucked. Thus, it provides ease of use. It can be used easily because it is anti-allergic. Many people are afraid of an allergic reaction, but it is an anti-allergic product.
  • This type of examination table clothes are usually used in surgical areas to prevent the patient from getting infected during treatment. It is used in dental treatments, operations and during examinations. It is comfortable to use because it is disposable.

From time to time, in medical institutions, the patient's blood can get on the examination table clothes. In this case, these disposable table clothes will be disposed of as infectious waste. Attention should be paid to this.

Today, every health facility or aesthetic centers, including beauty centers, use these covers. The fact that these covers are disposable provides comfort for both doctors and nurses and for the patient. In addition, from the point of view of hygiene, this is also very important.

Where Can I Buy an Examination Table Clothes?

They are usually sold in parcels. Inside the parcels there are several rolls, which vary in size. The sizes of table clothess vary. Different measurements can be made according to the stretcher used. The color of table clothess is usually white, which is very convenient.

Thanks to these covers, hygienic conditions are also created in surgeries. The patient is placed on a stretcher before being taken into surgery. Here again these covers are found. Since the operating room is an extremely hygienic place, these covers are hygienic materials that adapt to this environment.

What Are The Prices of the Examination Table Clothes?

They are hygienic products that also have very affordable prices in terms of price. Discounts are also provided separately for multiple purchases. It is usually purchased by clinics, hospitals and health organizations due to the fact that it is a medicinal product.

It is one of the most used cleaning products due to its ease of use and advantages. Thanks to the fact that it can be stored in small packages, it can be easily transported anywhere. The structure is of high quality. So it does not crumble, does not deform. Thanks to the alcohol it contains, it disinfects the place where it is applied and prevents it from catching germs.